About Us

The Reason behind

Declutter N Dazzle

After watching SYLO and seeing Dilly Carter at work, I knew immediately that I wanted to become a professional organiser, and help others to become organised in their homes.

I signed up to her course to become a professional organiser and the rest is history.

Seeing the positive impact it makes on our day to day lives, in my world clearing the clutter helps clear the mind.

I’m a creature of habit, and being organised is a lifestyle for me. So nothing would be make happier, than sharing my knowledge to help others to gain order and calm in their homes.

Meet the founder

Alicia Ashman-Edmunds

I live in Newport with my family. I’ve worked with customers, since I was a little girl working in the village newsagents. I loved to spend Saturday afternoons tidying and organising the confectionery.

I thrive on being organised and having structure in my life. For me, chaos uses up too much energy.

A home free of clutter, clears your mind, and brings with it a healthier and happier lifestyle and now, I want to help you find that freedom!

What I do & How

I Can Help You

I understand that decluttering can seem a huge task. Also finding the time is another factor, not everyone wants to spend their spare time organising.

So whether your a busy mum or busy at work.

I can help you to clear the clutter of items you no longer need. I will then help you to organise and create space.

If needs be we can put daily habits in place, to create a sense of calm and order into your life.