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Feeling unsure? Here’s what Trish had to say…

“When Alicia offered to help sort out two of my granddaughters bedrooms, I initially thought it was just not possible! With two teenage girls sharing a very small room and practically no storage it appeared like ‘mission impossible’ to me! However, Alicia immediately had a plan and set to work. The rooms were unrecognisable afterwards which seems like an understatement!

Alicia has a very friendly demeanour and immediately puts you at ease. Let’s be honest, it is a bit embarrassing throwing open your doors to someone you don’t know when you’re displaying your complete chaos. Alicia is not judgemental and simply just wants to help.

I really cannot recommend her enough and if you’re hesitating in calling her for help, please don’t, it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done! She has an eye for detail and immediately sees what will work and presents you with options, whilst all the time making you feel comfortable. Difficult to believe, but we even had lots of laughs too! So, a dreaded task turned into fun and motivated the whole family to sort the rest of the house.

An absolutely 5* service! Don’t delay, call her today!”

– Trish, Newport